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Lonar Lake

Lonar isn’t your typical picnic lake. Lonar is unlike anything you have seen before.  I came across with the Lonar while searching unusual and interesting places across India.


The Maharastra Government had built the towers around the rim of the lake for the tourists.

Incredibly old at 52,000 years, the Lonar crater is the youngest and best preserved impact crater formed in basalt rock and is the only of its kind on earth. The crater was formed fifty-two thousand years ago, when a blazing ball of fire (a meteor that weighed over one million ton in deadweight) crashed into the earth at an estimated speed of 90,000 km per hour. It gouged a deep depression that is around 1.8 km and 150 m deep before erupting and spewing molten rock to create a magnificent crest on the rim.



Located in the Buldhana District of Maharashtra, the Lonar Lake is an exceptional ‘bowl of biodiversity’ and a wildlife sanctuary with a unique ecology that is vastly different from the surrounding flat landscape.  A number of migratory birds can be seen around even though the lake does not support any marine life like fish etc.






The water in the crater’s lake is a bounty for microbiologists – it is highly saline and has rare bacteria that thrives in extreme conditions.



The temples in the lake’s vicinity have their own stories to tell. The Daityasudan Temple, that was built to worship Lord Vishnu, looks like a replica of the Konark Sun Temple. A Hanuman Temple near the lake has an idol apparently made out of the meteor rock having magnetic properties.



The old Shiva temple which speaks a lot about the architectural history of India.

One can go nearer to the lake and can actually take a full round of the lake and there was no way I could have returned back without hiking down the lake and taking a round of it and frankly speaking you try this activity only if you are physically fit, into some hiking and do not have any kind of breathing problem.


There are said to be twelve temples around the lake, not all of them functional on daily basis but good enough to make a halt during your hiking.