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Dear All,

As it’s a well-known fact that yesterday was Mr. Narendra Modi- OUR NEW PM oath ceremony where he promised to serve the nation and its people.

This ceremony was not just covered on all leading new channels however there were many projectors, TV systems installed at railways stations and other places so that the local janta could watch the oath being taken by the man they have all mutually elected as their leader. Kudos to all for making this possible for those that were unable to sit in front of their television sets at home.

At Andheri Station

At Andheri Station

Sadly, on reaching Kandivali station the oath ceremony was almost completed and our national anthem had begun. I was standing with the crowd paying respect to our National Anthem and noticed that many people were busy with their own life’s. It was indeed shocking to see how  people cannot give 5 minutes of their life to show their respect and gratitude for our nation but have the time to talk and surf on their phones or arguing with the autowallas etc. What shocked me further was the fact that despite seeing people standing in gratitude for our National Anthem many choose to just walk away..!!

It has been installed since our alma mater, that no matter whatever the situation we must always show our respect on hearing our national anthem. The disrespect is also commonly seen in movie halls where people simply ignore and use this time to chat/play around and pass comments while the anthem plays in the background.

If we the current generation shows no respect for our nation and its anthem then we shouldn’t be the ones hoping for a change.