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Stop Violence Against Women

Rape again in news , but nothing is done so far. Many question are still waiting for there answer. Who will answer that question. Why is it so easy for a man to rape a woman like that?

Delhi‘s gangrape in bus raised in parliament ok one simple question to all the parliament member “what is the overall conclusion for this session ? ” .

Rape breeds fear, suppression and further injustice. Vicious circle.

There is a post on facebook from one of my friend Promita Mukherjee  :

True…but exactly not that dangerous as it appears. The onus goes to the Lifestyle of some particular jnre of Delhite women as well — this is what a WOMAN had to say in response to a post on yest’s gangrape on a frnd’s wall. Dont know what exactly to tell her. She has left me speechless


What kind of statement it was by that woman?

On Twitter, Facebook every one is talking about rape. But no words of mine can do justice for this girl. Moreover we say but incidents are getting gruesome day by day.