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Adalaj Ki VavAdalaj Ki Vav in Adalaj is one of the popular excursion spots in Ahmedabad in Gujarat.  Adalaj ki Vav is a marvel of architecture. The unique water work is an excellent blend of Hindu and Islamic styles. The Well was constructed by the Rani Rudabai in 1499 A.D. The uniqueness of Adalaj Ki Vav lies in the fact that there are Islamic Motifs too are carved on the walls of this Hindu Vav.

History of Adalaj Ki Vav — As the legend goes, Sultan Beghara was attracted to the beauty of Rani Rudabai – the queen of Vaghela King – Veer Singh. On getting a refusal from her, he killed the King Veer Singh and again sent the proposal. Seeing the intentions of the adamant Sultan she begged to complete the Steep Well, she had begun in the memory of her Husband. Sultan agreed and the Queen took another 20 years for the completion of the Vav. The sultan then again sent the proposal, upon which the Queen took a Jal Samadhi in the Adalaj Steep Well. Today this Adalaj ki Vav stands telling the eternal love story.

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