On Twitter i come across many appreciable account and follows them to make my Time line lively. There are many trends on twitter but #micropoetry is the trend which i generally follows. While following this trend i come across with a account of Lady with a handle “@moonsez” she is awesome her #micropoetry tweets are just like a cherry on a cake. Frankly speaking i don’t know who is she what she do she is my twitter friend (i am following her but she is not following me 😛 ) but speaking through my heart i appreciate her talent. Sharing some of her #micropoetry Tweets read and share your comment what you all feel.

  • All shadows disappear ~ the sun climbs ~ high into the sky ~ a thirsty bird ~ seeks shade ~ #micropoetry
  • I want a cloud ~ a little gray ~ a little fluffy ~ and a lot of ~ damp in it ~ #micropoetry
  • Earth so parched ~ hankering for cool breeze ~ the dust swirls with glee ~ #micropoetry
  • Incoherent thoughts ~ seem more cogent ~ just another sign ~ that it’s time ~ to sleep ~ #micropoetry
  • Memories of ~ good times ~ fragrance lingers ~ in the emptiness ~ of the perfume bottle ~ #micropoetry
  • In my dream-awake state ~ I fly in formation ~ with my many selves ~ #micropoetry
  • Close my eyes ~ to relive ~ my dream ~ from last night ~ once again ~ #micropoetry
  • An old house ~ tired doors creak ~ memories echo ~ #micropoetry
  • The crow ~ spreads her wings ~ to cast a shadow ~ blacker than herself ~ against a blue sky ~ #micropoetry
  • Smooth round pebbles ~ in the pond ~ waiting their turn ~ to create ~ a ripple ~ #micropoetry
  • A sparrow ~ on the ledge ~ surveying it all ~ ready for ~ breakfast ~ #micropoetry
  • I have a wish ~ to make ~ searching for ~ that wishing star ~ so elusive ~ #micropoetry
  • Haze from the day ~ lingers ~ no stars ~ in the sky ~ tonight ~ #micropoetry
  • Stare at nothing. Wait for oblivion. #sixwords #micropoetry
  • Parched earth ~ has an ask ~ of the clear sky ~ she wants ~ more rain ~ #micropoetry
  • The lightening ~ writes a quick story ~ on the sky ~ a floating cloud ~ wipes it away ~ #micropoetry

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