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So it was my dream to meet Madhuri Banerjee and it came true. I wanted to meet her when i first started reading book losing my virginity and other dumb ideas, the book is really fab had written my views on the book  also check here . The best part was when she praised and like the blog post on the book and from there my eagerness to meet Madhuri banerjee Ma’am raised.

It was not that much easy to meet her every time we use to communicate through our respective twitter account but i think this time (29/5/2012 , 4:45 PM) was special now remembering the line “Agar kisi ko dil se chaho to sari kayenat use milane ki liye kousis karti hai ” its true indeed 🙂 🙂

It was like 10 – 15 min meeting and really awesome. She is really sweet and down to earth she asked me about myself, my family and some ideas. The Epic question which ma’am asked was “so Girlfriend???” apart from this we shared a laugh and the moment was like a wonderland.

She promised me to meet next time also for longer duration and also to express and discuss a thought process with a cup of coffee. She was like really fun and loving to hang around with.

To Madhuri Banerjee Ma’am,

World is sweet because there are people like you on this planet, your ideas and thoughts are really appreciated and above all you are very creative and innovative.

Don’t ever change!


Dhruv Gaur


Sharing my picture with Madhuri Banerjee