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Back from Big Cinemas watched The Avengers. The movie is mind blowing.I almost clapped out loud in the movie theatre Lol Avengers was of the chain OMG. All the Super heroes in a single movie fight with a negative power. The Script was good, the plot was fairly basis. If Iron Man, Loki, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye in one movie what you will expect sure action, and the second half is full of actions and effects (VFX deserves the credit).

The first half of the  movie is structured in such a way so that the heroes are constantly at odds with  each other. For the team to rise to the occasion, each super hero must comfort his own weakness. Captain America (Yesterday soldier) struggle to find his place. Iron Man deals with his narcissism. The hulk has control issues. Back in power they all overcome with there individual weakness and unite as a team.  The Avengers is a bold, brash, unapologetic spectacle. For me The hulk steal the show man what a character he is “I am always angry – Hulk”.

After watching a movie a thought randomly knocked the doors of my mind saying, “What if a stage comes where the aliens will fight back for there planet and while fighting they land to Earth showing there unbeatable powers and armors, and in reality The Avenger teams in not there to save the planet earth. For sure that will be the end of Earth Planet. ”

The Avengers is draft spectacle, accessible to most anyone who loves comics, super hero, action movies.  Joss Whedon did such a great job! He just made those characters so cool and likeable. A must watch movie , thumps up for the team of Avengers for trying to build a universe with vastly different characters.

Overall the movie was supremely enjoyable. Goosebumps and glee. Mission accomplished.