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kya ki soch, kyu ki soch, jese ki soch mai dubb jana
Random thoughts are just random, we can’t ignore these thoughts. These are like a life explaining and question to our-self.

Ek Muskhurahat, chere ki nautanki”
Some time we ask to our-self do we talk to our-self? What talking to our-self feels like? Somehow, somewhere its like remembering the old days, the taste of tears, remembering all the realities and the parallel universes where we built our stories. These stories stay.

Tareeke ka khel yeh
Sometimes we think that we are new in this world, and being matured we got a guts to believe in our-self. But what if  knowingly or unknowingly we do some thing wrong, nothing in a nutshell we get a new tag line saying he/she is not good in such and such case or matter.

Zindgai ka safarnama
The moments of life lost in the process of living. Emotions take over, Passions take over. We are connected to each other by intricate webs of our emotions. Is there such a thing as happiness and sorrow after all? Or is there only one state of life?

Wo raate kha gyi
Remember when we have fear of routine, the routine to work. Now we are the part of that routine, we carry on with the same flow day after day, night after night. Living life on our terms, but these terms are not our terms these terms and condition’s are applied by God.

Akeelaa pan
What about loneliness,it is just like a cold damp cloth over our thoughts.