Paan Singh Tomar

Watched Paan Singh Tomar movie yesterday, everything about the movie is great. The Director (Tigmanshu Dhulia) did rigorous research to justify the story and character. The film is based on a true story of a guy employed by a Indian army who was a athlete and won the nation award in steeplechase in the international athlete meet. And after some time due to some family conflicts over a farming land he choose the path of  dacoit. The film tell the typical stereo type society where a gold medalist is not given any special treatment despite his achievements and his caliber which made his nation proud but the system respects a person with a gun/power in his hands.

Irfan khan acting was just great, his performance in the movie does not allow to blink. Irfan is a method actor so he is capable of adapting to any role he gets asked to portray and make it believable. His eyes are also very expressive and he uses it in the movie to display emotions, without saying a single word.

Paan Singh Tomar proves again that good story and good actors(not stars) can hold viewers for 2.5 hrs. Movie is indeed a great combination of brilliant acting and classic script. In my view the movie should get national award .

One response to “Paan Singh Tomar

  1. I too watched it yesterday n No Doubt its an excellent Movie and its Excellence is due to Irfaan Khan d Only person who cud hv done justice with d role of PAAN SINGH, n One thng Dhruv he was Baaghi not Dacait ;) ( Dacait to Parliament mein milte hain )….. I wud b givin an Extra Star 4 dialog delievry ( Bundelkhandi Dialact) used in d Movi :)

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