Tintin is a visual treat. Definitely a 5 star category. I remembered my first meeting with him when I was seven and use to read the section of TINTIN in newspaper publications.

It is a non-stop adventure to watch. The animation was awesome and looks so REAL..!! Story and plot are fast and all Tintin fans would love it. Of course, what makes Tintin hugely memorable is his colorful supporting cast. Based on Herge’s popular comic book hero Tintin, the film starts with the first book where ‘boy’ reporter Tintin sets on the high seas to unearth a mystery of a ship called ‘The Unicorn’.

This movie will take you back to the good old days, its very engaging and entertaining adventure that you wouldn’t want to miss. Eye-popping action sequences that would simply be unthinkable. The film misses out on one thing, Since the characters have not been established much, viewers who are not well-known to the Tintin stories will miss out on a lot. The action sequences look better in the 3D version.Tintin is, ultimately, a warm and engaging piece of work. This one boosts technical innovation and a well treat to Animation 3D Era.

What I personal think that instead of 11.11.11 TINTIN should have been released today, 14.11.11 that would have been the best Children’s day gift to every one across the globe. In closing, whether you are a long-time Tintin fan or have never heard of him before, this is a fantastic film. It’s designed as a pure engine to entertain, regardless of prior knowledge.