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The last generation that learnt to play in the street (pithu,galli cricket, kanche, gilli danda), we are the first who’ve played video games, seen cartoons in colour and went to amusement parks. We were the last to record songs of the radio on cassettes and we are the pioneers of walkmans and chat room. We use to watch serial like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Sri Krishna, Neem ka Ped, Malgudi Days,Shanti, Rangoli, Alif Lailla and Surbhi. DD1 National channel (durdarshan was our duniya) was famous at that time. Do you remember when Transmission error displays (रुकावट के लिए खेद है.), after that message we use to run upstairs to set antenna. Setting of antenna was like 3 way communication one use to stand near television other stand near stairs and the third one sets the antenna direction (नही आया, रुक, बस)

We had our very true Indian superhero shaktiman, our chronicles of narnia was chandrakanta.We  use to read Comics like chacha chaudhary , billu, pinky, super commando dhruv, nagraraj. We learned how to program the VCR before anyone else, play with the Atari, Super Nintendo, Super Mario and believed that the Internet would be a free world.  We witnessed the advent of Cable TV which is Dish TV in today’s world.  We are the generation of the Thunder Cats, the Transformers, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Jungle Book, Popeye, G.I. JOE. Travelled in cars without seat belts or air-bags – lived without cell phones. Rode our bicycles down the road without brakes. We did not have Play stations, 99 television stations, and flat screens, surround sound, mp3s, iPods, computers and the Internet, but nevertheless we had a GREAT Time!!!