Watched Bol movie which is directed by Shoaib Mansoor and written by Shoib Mansoor . I really liked the movie the concept of the movie is very fresh .  The movie starts with a background track “Speak your mind Speak your heart   raise your voice  shock the world” , these  lines created a very good impression on my and I said “boss lagta hai yeh movie mast or bold hai ”.  So I can say that this is the perfect start .

Bol movie is bold , the film focuses on the trials and tribulations of a lower middle class family in Lahore, fighting poverty, orthodoxy and the seizure of a gender bias that treats women as second sex archetype. The movie is in flashback it’s a story of girl name  Zainab and her family.  The movie start with  Zainab in jail who is to be hanged till death. She is silent and on the last day she files a request  to the prime minister of pakistan that she want to tell her story to people through media before she dies.  The movie shows the conflict between the daughter (Zainab, eldest daughter ) and her father  so called traditional father (Manzar Sahbai) who has fathered fourteen children, to fulfill his desire to have a male heir.  The movie reflects there finanical problem and personal problems.  And at every moment you will feel that the movie is binding you , you will not move a from your seat.

The music of the Bol is good, if you ask my favourite track then it is obviously  “Din Pareshan hai” awesome and heart touching lyircs.  Out of 5 I wil give 4 . Bol gives a message to all , to speak out . Just go and watch it .

“Rangon se kahoon Lakeeron se kahoon Meli meli si Tasveeron se kahoon Hu. tasveeron se kahoon”