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Day before yesterday I completed  the book named “Mafia Queens of Mumbai” by S. Hussain Zaidi, so I would like to share the review.

The book is foreword by vishal bharadwaj and also promised to make a movie based on this book. As we all knows that mumbai is a adda of mafia, drug mafia , gang , land mafia and we all are familiar with all the stories of the mafia gang and gangsters like dawood, shakeel , chota rajan, karim lala, hazi mastan n many more. Mumbai is like a home ground for all these actvities, they started in mumbai and then moved to the upper phase of underworld.

There is a great saying that “Behind every  man there is a woman ” . This book is all about the mafia lady of mumbai , how they come in power and how all these gang leaders and don take there help in sorting there problems .  Have  you heard of names like Jenabai, Gangubai, Ashraf alias Sapna? Well, not many would be, because these women are not as talked about in the world of the Mafia, as well as men. But these are some of the women treated with S. Hussain Zaidi (and Jane Borges) Book Mafia Queens of Mumbai.

Did you know that the dreaded gangster Haji Mastan Mumbai depended Jenabai insights to make critical decisions, or Gangubai, the matriarch of Kamathipura, is still revered goddess of many of the red light district? Gangubai is also said to have convinced and impressed by Nehru for his wit and clarity of thought.  Mafia Queens of Mumbai is too fun to care. Thirteen true stories of black marketeers, prostitution, drug land etc.

The book is an insightful read, interesting to read and convincing splatter. If you love to read about mafia then would  say this book should be in your to read list.

This month and previous month I was reading all about mafia .  Firstly completed Mafia World followed by Khalaas.