Alone and lonely. Two words that hold a different meaning in different circumstances.
But for me, they mean one and the same thing. Man is essentially a social animal. We need friends, family,basically, we need people around us. We all have people surrounding us, be they strangers or acquaintances, but in reality, there is a deep dark corner of our Psychs we always keep hidden, which is too private for to unburden to a soul mate even. Herein I’d like to say I don’t believe in the concept of *soul mates*. Yes, two people can be uncannily “similar” but that is not the same as being “same”. That’s how the word “individual” came into existence. Individual is not merely a noun, but also a verb and an adjective. Each and everyone of us INIMITABLE, unique in our own way.
This post is about that one quality which sets each individual apart from another. Each of us is blessed with something that makes us stand apart in a crowd. Some people are fortunate enough to realize their potential and nurture it, while some simply go on living colourless lives believing they have no special qualities.But at the end of the day, we all are ALONE.
Sometimes, even with a bunch of people around, I feel alone, lonely, disconnected. It is not solely a superiority or inferiority complex, or even an unwillingness to interact. The connection is weak, the frequencies do not match. I say I am complex, not because it makes me sound “cool” but because it is a simple truth. Complex doesn’t mean I am a philosopher who has unmatched knowledge about life and the way it works, complex being the way my mind tangles my thoughts into a labyrinth so dense that at times even I cannot find my way out. It is this complexity of thoughts that separates and acts as the hurdle that stops me from opening my heart and mind to people. It’s scary to imagine how vulnerable it makes me, how soft a target to hurt.
Yesterday on twitter I said, “people come and go like seasons in my life”. Quite literally so. Not many realized I meant it from the core of my being.Some of them come like the warm airs of winter, some like the colours of autumn leaves, but most come as the frost of winter, melting away with the merest hint of heat and leaving you cold inside. More ALONE and LONELY than you were before they walked the lush green paths of my mind.Now all that remains is the sound of their laughter, the faintest touch of their feet. And I, well, I am all ALONE