If you want to change, create tension.

Place limits on yourself, even though you don’t need to.

Break up your unhappy relationship, even if it’s comfortable.

Stop talking, stop going out, or change your diet for 30 days.

Refuse to leave your house until you’ve made progress.

Move somewhere different. Get rid of your stuff.

Quit your job, even if you have no other options.

When you start nowhere, you have nothing to lose. When you get rich and famous, you go on defense and, next thing you know, you’ve lost your way. You don’t produce relevant work any more because your purpose is to defend what you’ve built and avoid to mistakes.

Those that are able to keep tension in their lives despite their success are those that will endure and have a chance to become great. Those that coast on their success will not. One is easy. One is hard. Choosing is not obvious