Gone are the days of worrying about roti, kapda aur makaan. We are now looking at a generation who wants to be trained entertainers. And that is what makes FALTU contemporary. Alas! The methodology used is not convincing and thus along with the few jokes you can only laugh at the writers’ naiveté.

There were certainly a couple of hilarious, laugh-out-loud scenes. And there are other times that you might not be able to control your smile at the silliness of the situation. But, when a movie sets out to talk about social issues, it needs to leave a lasting impression by whatever means possible.

The bunch of controlling parents is no new concept to the way many of us might have grown up. To see it on screen gives us a sense of camaraderie even.

Sure Puja Gupta is the only saving grace in this department

AND there’s that last dance in the climax (no, not the closing credits, the one that is a part of the actual film). I could watch it over and over again and bumped up the rating a bit just for that one last masterpiece.

FALTU is  a remake of an English movie Accepted.

FALTU stands for Fakirchand and Lakirchand Trust University.

in Accepted S.H.I.T stood for South Harmon Institute of Technology