Once there were two people, holding each other’s hand
on their wrists they used to wear a band.
The band was famous and it created history,
But what was that? Read onwards to solve the mystery,,.
That wrist band invented a word
which was not at all absurd.
The word itself introduced a recipe,
with which everyone stopped feeling creepy.
One of the ingredients was affection
the other were understanding and satisfaction.
One teaspoonful of love and trust
It was a thing which was a must.
A pinch of wit,
not much, just a bit.
Another thing which is to be done itself in the tooth
was honesty and truth.
The method was just to mix it all-so easy
so that you can take time for it even when you are busy.
This was a dish to worship,
and because of it, it was called FriEnDShIp..:)
Those two people had started a trend,
now everyone was one another’s FRIEND